Branden Pizarro and Tre’Sean Wiggins Battle for Two Titles

With all due respect to the main event, this is the fight of the night for Bouts on Broad 2 Presented by Hard Hitting Promotions.  Young gun, Philly’s own Branden Pizarro (14-1-0 7 KOs) is set to take on Tre’Sean Wiggins (11-4-1 6 KOs). The bout is for Wiggins’ USA Pennsylvania State Super Lightweight Title and Pizarro’s NBA Inter Continental Super Lightweight Title.  It takes place on April 26th at The Met in Philly.

Wiggins is the classic example of not believing what you see on in the stat sheet.  The record looks suspect but when you watch this young man fight you understand why he is the reigning USA Pennsylvania State Super Lightweight champion.  Wiggins defeat Samuel Teah at the first Bouts on Broad for the vacant belt in a minor upset.

Wiggins showcased his nickname, Trigger, by being faster than Teah at each turn.  Speed kills and Wiggins has plenty of it. But he also a slick defensive fighter.  He displayed an innate ability to understand when his opponent is coming in for an attack.  He uses good head movement and body control more than footwork to subtly dodge an opponent’s attack.  With his opponent off balance he uses his quickness to land combinations in retaliation. Take that in for a second, Wiggins doesn’t throw one punch, he throws three or four back.  

Wiggins top career highlight to date is certainly his first round knockout against Jason Sosa.  Yes, that Jason Sosa, the man whose only other losses came against Vasyl Lomachenko and Yuriorkis Gamboa.

But Pizarro has his own speed as well.  It’s hard to analyze Pizarro because his fights tend to be so short.  First round knockouts come with great power and speed mixed in with a high pressure style of fighting.

That’s exactly what makes this fight so interesting though. Pizarro, generally speaking, will come right for Wiggins and Wiggins wants that.  It’s going to come down to talent and speed and possibly who is having a better night. Both men are extremely gifted and it’s great to see both sets of talent on full display in the ring.  Wiggins can be caught as is evident in the Teah fight, but it’s rare. And even when Teah did catch him he couldn’t do enough to turn the fight. Pizarro packs a lot of power and if he’s able to catch Wiggins it could be another short night.

I have to take Wiggins in this fight.  I’m just not sure Pizarro is ready for a professional fighter with the talent and experience of Wiggins.  I can see Pizarro overpowering and out boxing Wiggins but I find it to be a stretch. That said, Pizarro does have the power to overwhelm Wiggins if he’s able to pin him down and unload on him.  Styles make fights and these two seem tailor made for each other.

Nik enjoys bantamweight wars, good body work, and boxers who work on their craft. In his spare time he spends time with his family, or away from them in his work shop.