Demond Nicholson Beats Down Jessie Nicklow For the Knockout Win in Maryland

Demond Nicholson (21-3-1 20 KOs) stopped Jessie Nicklow (27-10-3 9 KOs) in the 1st round of a one sided super middleweight match. Nicholson mercifully stopped the scheduled 10 round bout early at The Maryland Live Casino in Hanover, MD on March 8th.

Nicholson delivered a steady dose of punishment to Nicklow over the first round. Nicklow was getting visible weaker as the round went on. Later in the round Nicholson was able to take advantage of this by dropping a vicious left hook on McCann’s temple that sent Nicklow to the mat, unable to recover before the 10 count.

I love Demond Nicholson. I never really understand why he gave up in the Jesse Hart fight, but the dude always seemed tough as nails. The body work he’s putting in here is top notch. Nicklow really has nowhere to go and can’t cover everything up at once

Nicholson was a heavy favorite in this match but it was good to see him doing what needed to be done. With the win, Nicholson’s record elevates to 21-3-1 with 20 KOs. Nicklow’s record now stands at 27-10-3.

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Image courtesy of Daniel Cork. Check him out here.

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