Nobody is ranked #2 -> According to the IBF

This one comes courtsey of reddit user /u/TopBoxing in a great post from last week. According to TopBoxing, the IBF doesn’t have anyone, in any division, ranked as the number 2 contender.

Generally, I’m pretty skeptical of such claims, so I needed to verify this myself. If you don’t believe him, check it out for yourself. In every weight class, there is no number 2 contender and in many division there isn’t even a number one contender.

We reached out to the IBF for clarification and it was a quirk in timing. According to IBF rules, to become #1 or #2 contender a fighter must take an eliminator.

The IBF have #1 contenders for 9 divisions and eliminators scheduled for the rest. As far as #2 goes, they have some eliminators lined up for those fights as well.

So this boils down more to timing and will soon be eliminated. But props to /u/TopBoxing for the excellent thread. Seriously, check out more of his work on reddit, it’s good stuff.

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