Sonny Conto wins Professional Debut

Two time Golden Gloves winner Sonny Conto won his professional debut over Jimmie Levins at Raging Babe’s Philly Special. Conto is a highly touted heavyweight prospect from South Philly. Before his professional debut Conto was already signed with Top Rank.

Levins proved not much of a challenge for the young heavyweight. Levins was on the ground a number of times in the first round, with most being ruled a slip. However, the two shots Conto did land on Levins did a good amount of damage. Even before the first official knockdown Levins appeared disoriented.

Conto finished him off in the first round with a couple good uppercuts. For his part Conto did look good, flexing his mix of impressive power and speed with his amateur background. It remains to be seen where his career will go, but under the Top Rank banner he should be afforded every opportunity.

Nik enjoys bantamweight wars, good body work, and boxers who work on their craft. In his spare time he spends time with his family, or away from them in his work shop.

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    Congratulations Sonny

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